Ranked Hoops

    Every weekend we host a Hoops tournament. Performance in these tournaments counts toward your rank in our ranking system. Prize pools are typically $50 a week, but we occasionally do a big money tourney ($300+) every few months. Our Discord has a more detailed schedule and instructions to help you stay updated! Our tournaments use smash.gg for registration and match check-in so make sure you’ve made an account there.


    On April 26th, 2016, Psyonix added a new game-mode to Rocket League called Hoops. Some thought it was just a fun, “silly” mode, others dismissed it because of its differences from the main game-mode, but our founders saw its potential for competitive play of a caliber equal to or even greater than that of Soccar. We tried to convince Psyonix to introduce a ranked version of Hoops, but there was not enough interest in the community as a whole. Despite this, we realized that there were dedicated people interested in our cause, so we decided to create our own ranking system and grow a community from scratch. Present day Ranked sport modes are now available!


    Our rating system is based on Glicko-2 with the following tier list

    • Globetrotter
    • Dunk Master
    • Axle Breaker
    • Contender
    • Baller


    Our admins are active on Discord and you can also find them on their steam profiles

    • Bigjakk
    • Camber
    • Hrolf
    • MythicPinkMist
    • Nico
    • PlatymusPrime
    • Sassy Pig
    • Wolff

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